Virunga National Park

The most biologically diverse place in Africa, virunga national park is a UNESCO world heritage site located in eastern democratic republic of Congo. It is part of the Congo basin which drains much of central Africa. The park covers 7800sq km. From the northern sector of the park are the glaciated Rwenzori Mountains, there are many rivers such as Ishasha, Semuliki, Rwindi from the mountains into the park leading to a variety of ecosystems including flooded plains, lava plains, active volcanoes, erosion valleys, savanna plains, tropical forests and wetlands which are at least flooded most of the time.

As the most diverse place in African, virunga national park is home to thousands of species of fauna and flora. The eastern side of this park contains three great apes live together which includes mountain gorillas, lowland gorillas and chimpanzees as well as the world’s active volcano- mount Nyiragongo. The eastern side lies close to the border of Rwanda and Uganda making it easily access by tourists coming from Kigali city and southwestern Uganda.
Gorillas are main tourist attractions found in eastern part of the park around Mount Mikeno volcano. These areas have luxury lodges and tented camps providing accommodation and are found close to main tourist center where gorilla tracking starts. Another popular attraction is the active Nyiragongo volcano. Reaching 3704 meters above sea level the most interesting thing for travelers hiking with overnight on top to see bubbling Lava Lake

The northern part of the park which is least visited by tourists but also contains critically endangered mammals like okapi. In Lake Edward large there are hippos, more than 50 species of fish as well as forest elephants, buffaloes, warthogs, antelope species such as topi, bushbucks.

Visiting virunga national park is an adventure of a lifetime as you are sure to track mountain gorillas, climb the active mount Nyiragongo volcano, spot birds that live in the rainforest.

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